The Goose Station Part 1

Today, I'm going to talk about one of my favorite restaurants in the Philippines. I'll be splitting this up into two posts just because there's a lot to cover. It's just one of those restaurants that never disappoints me. I dig the food, the atmosphere, the service, the everything. The restaurant is called The Goose Station. I guess it's a play on words for "degustation", which is another fancy frenchy term for a tasting meal, where you get a bunch of small dishes to savor all the awesome flavors that the chefs put together. This style is meant to give you more opportunities to test and savor the quality of different foods. Honestly, the most important words there are FRENCH, MORE, FOODS. That's all you need.

Foie Gras Cone
Foie Gras Cone
As you enter, you'll notice the nice ambient interiors. There are only like 6 tables here so it gets pretty private ;) A nice place to take a date, or two, or three, or, if you're like me, 908,312 of them. Just kidding. Only half of that. Lighting is just enough. Not too bright to blind you. But just dark enough so you can actually take pictures of your food. Yay. Time to instagram your dinner. There's an open kitchen area where you can see the team cooking. I like how simple the place is. There's not a lot going on. There aren't any fancy decorations that freak out your eyes. The table setting is nice and simple. Better-than-average-looking, clean silverware. We brought our own wine, but their wine glasses also seemed to be your better-than-average Bordeaux wine glasses. Red cups for water. 3 colors max on your table setting? So classy. The servers are all polite, serving you fresh bread as you order. I forgot exactly what type of bread I had. Some sort of olive focaccia bread I think. I have to double check. It was very good though. Whoever reads this, you'll just have to live with the unknown mysteriousness of this enigmatic comestible.

Tuna Tartare, Lychee Mojito
Tuna Tartare, Lychee Mojito
You order whatever you think looks good. I would go with the tasting menu. But if you're really into eating some fish, want a bigger serving of 24-hour steak, pork belly, or actually want to choose what dessert you get, you should go with the choice menu. You get 1-2 appetizers, your choice (2 costs more), an entree, and a dessert. You can't really go wrong with anything you pick here but if it's your first time, I'd suggest the tasting menu. Anyways, whatever you decide to eat, they give you 3 small appetizer things to get you excited. First, the Foie Gras Cone. It's a work of art in the form of a flavor bomb. The cone is perfectly flaky and soft, such that it melts in your mouth. It's got port gelee, hazelnut, and fig. This one really surprised me and I wish I had about 15 more of them. Next, you get the tuna tartare and the lychee mojito. Their tuna tartare is essentially just partially cooked fish within a cracker. It doesn't sound appetizing when I say it like that but it's the bomb, especially when you eat it with the lychee mojito. I don't really know what they did with this but there was a little lychee bubble of goodness that explodes in your mouth. It just cleans things up and gets you ready for your next few dishes. 

Caviar Parfait: White Asparagus Flan, Crab Jelly, Yuzu-uni sauce, Crab, Avruga caviar
Caviar Parfait
Alright, time to talk business. If you get the caviar parfait, you won't regret it. It comes in a little glass cup on top of a bunch of pebbles inside an even larger white bowl. So. Fancy. I love it. This is not your typical parfait. The white asparagus flan is beautiful. Most chefs use white asparagus when they want an asparagus flavor but more mild and tender than green asparagus. FUN FACT: White asparagus is white because it's deprived of light, which means the veggies don't have sunlight to create chlorophyll (green color). Anyways, the flan is pretty much egg, white asparagus, and maybe some milk. It's completely soft, rich, and there aren't any chunks of asparagus left behind. It's topped with some yuzu-uni sauce. Yuzu is just an asian citrus fruit. YUM. Mixed with some creamy uni (sea urchin). The crab is soft and juicy. At the top is the avruga caviar. The best part about caviar is that it adds a ton of gorgeous flavors to your dish. Avruga caviar is slightly nutty and has a great smoky aroma that knows how capture your senses. All these powers combined you have... CAPTAIN PLANET. Just kidding. You get this magnum opus of a dish, combining the soft asparagus flavor with the medley of seafood flavors, topped with the mind-blowing smokiness of the caviar. Control yourselves. 

Beet Garden composed of beets, carrots, coffee crumbs, goat cheese, and asparagus coulis.
Beet Garden
The next dish is actually art. It's colorful, it's strategically put together, and it tastes good. The ingredients are fresh and tasty. It's a Beet Garden composed of beets, carrots, coffee crumbs, goat cheese, and asparagus coulis. Coulis, by the way, is a thick sauce made with pureed vegetables. This is pronounced "KU-LEE", not "KULIS". I don't have too much to say about this one. If I had to describe it in one word, I'd say it's pretty refreshing. It goes really well with the tasting menu and it's healthy! Even better, it's like art... that you can eat. 

Next, we have their own signature Eggs Benedict. This thing is unique. It comes in a nice little stemmed glass with a little crunchy cracker that I can't describe. But the eggs benedict was just glorious. This one is really special like my girlfriend. And my abs. It was creamy, eggy, and aromatic. My cousins and I concluded that they added some truffle oil to this bad boy. A genius move since truffles go really well with eggs. The eggs benedict didn't have a super overwhelming yolk flavor but it was definitely there. The texture was somewhat soupy but it really worked. If you look at the picture to the right, you'll see that they gave us a fancy wooden-looking spoon to eat this thing. Fancy, but to be honest, if I were the only one in the restaurant, I would have licked that thing down until it were clean. It was just that good. I'll have 6 more of these please.

Goose Station Eggs Benedict
Eggs Benedict

It's close to 4am. I think I'll continue the rest of this tomorrow. Plus, I don't want to overwhelm you with words. That's evil.

Here's Part 2

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