The Goose Station Part 2

Part TWO. Finishing up the rest of the meal. Get ready to feel hungry.
Duck Confit with Carrot Puree, Confit of Carrot, Sweet Potato, and Beet with Capers.
Duck Confit
Duck Confit Time!!! This one is accompanied with Carrot Puree, Confit of Carrot, Sweet Potato, and Beet with Capers. Duck confit is a french dish made with the leg of a duck. It is the specialty dish in Gascony, France. To prepare this dish, the duck leg is rubbed with herbs, salt, and garlic, covered and refrigerated for a day or more. By doing this, all the yum flavors are absorbed into the duck. Interesting quote from Food Republic, "Harmful bacteria can't thrive in dense fat, so historically, confit didn't have to be chilled to stay fresh. That said, please refrigerate your duck confit because we no longer live in medieval France". Unfortunately. Then, the duck leg is washed, dried, and slow-cooked in it's own melted fat anywhere from 4 to 10 hours. It sounds fancy, but it's actually pretty easy to prepare. Cooking time is about 4 hours while preparation time is a day. This method does wonders to the duck leg, as the meat just slides off the bone. Anyone who wants to bribe me, I will take bribes in the form of duck confit. 

USDA Short Rib, Worcestershire Jus, Truffle Mashed potatoes, Crispy Onions
USDA Short Rib.
This is not your usual steak. It's made using short rib. The good thing about short rib is that you don't have to do a lot to it to make it delicious. When you cook it slow, the meat turns soft and juicy. It's like liquid gold. Even without sauce, you get a nice, intense flavor. Short rib isn't very expensive and it's pretty high in fat. Here, we have USDA Short Rib with Worcestershire Jus, Truffle Mashed Potatoes, and Crispy onions. The Goose Station cooks their steak for 24-hours by sous-vide. This is where you cook food (meats, fish, vegetables, whatever) in skin-tight, plastic bags within a water bath for periods of time ranging up to 72 hours. Sous-vide gets your meat all hot and sexy. It's good because you get to keep all the yummy juices within the meat as you slow-cook it. The chefs added Worcerstershire Jus. Basically, it's just Worcestershire sauce added to the natural, left over juices left behind from the melted fat and meat. This is topped with truffle mashed potatoes and crispy onions. For those of you that haven't tried truffle mashed potatoes, you're missing out. It's like eggs with truffle. Godlike. You have to go out and find a place that has this. 

Fideua negra with roasted scallops, angulas, blood sausage, peppers, and anchovy
Fideua Negra
Next, we have the fideua negra. It comes with roasted scallops, angulas, blood sausage, peppers, and anchovy. In Catalan, it means "black noodles", which is exactly what it is. Whoever invented this must have been really imaginative in naming this dish. So creative. The noodles are made with squid or cuttlefish and squid ink, giving the noodles its black color. Not really a great dish to eat when you're with a date because it temporarily turns your teeth black and makes you look like the grudge. Looking like the grudge is not good. The sauce was not mentioned in the menu, but I'm going to guess it was a sort of aioli. Roasted scallops are roasted scallops. Gently browned, soft, and delicious. I like scallops because they don't have that super overwhelming seafood taste. They're very mild and light to eat. Angulas are fancy. They are baby European eels, or elvers. They look like short spaghetti strands and have a very light, fishy taste. It goes very well with the scallops and the fideua negra. The blood sausage was a nice addition. It gave the dish just enough salty flavor to make things interesting. 

Chocolate Caramel with hazelnut dacquiose, caramel cream with passion fruit.
Chocolate Caramel 

Strawberry Sorbet
Strawberry Sorbe

Yay! Dessert time. To the right, there's a simple strawberry sorbet. To the left, we have the chocolate caramel. It's layered chocolate with hazelnut dacquoise, caramel cream with passion fruit. Hazelnut dacquoise is a frenchy dessert. It's similar to meringue on the outside but soft and cake-like on the inside. A lot goes into making this one and it deserves its own separate post. If you're interested right now, check out this link. The taste is just beautiful, it's creamy, sweet, fruity, and chocolate-y, it's the best. Overall, a great ending to an awesome dinner. 

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