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Pork Sticky Rolls with Parsnip Glaze
Pork Sticky Rolls with Parsnip Glaze
Time to talk about this MAJESTIC restaurant. I'll start with the meal and I'll leave some room at the end for miscellaneous information. I went for lunch in the beginning of May with Steph and Dana. It was a lame, overcast-type of day so we needed to make up for the lack of sunshine and elation. Also, we hadn't had American food (burgers don't count) in a while. Northern Spy is a traditional American restaurant that prepares their dishes using fresh, locally-grown ingedients. YUM. Overall, Northern Spy definitely satisfied our cravings and left us feeling happy :) I would recommend this restaurant to anyone and I'll definitely come back for more. 

Duck Fat Fries with Malted Spiced Yogurt.
Duck Fat Fries with Malted Spiced Yogurt. 
Like any other sensible group of hungry individuals, we started with some appetizers. First, we went with the Pork Sticky Rolls. WATCH OUT: They're addicting. They only supply two of these crack-infested rolls per order. They're sweet, tangy, meaty, heavenly... I could eat 69 of these. They kind of remind me of Cinnabon rolls... but with more pork and less diabetes. Next, we got the Duck Fat Fries with Malted Spiced Yogurt. It already sounds delicious, which is probably why I ordered it. They turned out flavorful and crispy. The sauce was really nice, creamy, and refreshing. Don't know what spices they use but it was bomb. 

Pulled Chicken Sandwich with Salsa Verde, Poached Egg, Home Fries
Pulled Chicken Sandwich, Salsa Verde, Poached Egg, Home Fries
Entree time!!! This was Dana's order. The chicken was super virtuous. I'm a big fan of anything "pulled" just because it's juicy, meaty, and convenient to eat. You get a sexy chunk of meat with each bite. It seems a bit hard to eat as a sandwich because of the poached egg but it's fine when you eat it as an open-faced sandwich. The home fries it came with were gorgeous. They were seasoned very well. It reminded us of something you would flavor chips with. It came with a mixed salad with a refreshing vinaigrette. VEGETABLES, yo. 

Southern Fried Rice with Spicy Sausage, Pickles, Poached Egg
Southern Fried Rice, Spicy Sausage, Pickles, Poached Egg

Steph ordered the Southern Fried Rice. Thank da Lord. He gave me a girl that knows how to order food. Steph got it because "spicy sausage", "pickles", and "egg". This dish is super hearty. And unless you're starving, you'll be taking home some leftovers. If you're not into pickles, the taste isn't too overwhelming but it's still there. The spicy sausage is the dominant flavor here and you can't go wrong with fried rice and spicy sausage. I'm really glad they added poached egg to the dish or else the fried rice would be pretty boring. It kind of reminded me of a dry, non-seafood paella without saffron. 

Egg Begley Jr. with Kale, Potato Hash, Poached Egg, Chimichurri
Egg Begley Jr. with Kale, Potato Hash, Poached Egg, Chimichurri
The Egg Begley Jr. was my dish. Check out this link if you want to know how it's made. Essentially, its a sandwich with kale, potatoes, and a poached egg. The poached egg was perfect because it was cooked sous vide. The brioche bread was warm and toasty. I thought the chimichurri was a pretty interesting addition. When you take a bite out of this, you get a ton of different flavors. You get to enjoy the explosive yolk, the potatoes, and the herbs and vinegar from the chimichurri. Halfway through the meal, my sandwich kind of fell apart so I put the bread aside, mixed all the fillings together, and ate it alongside the buns. 

ALERT: They have a three-course meal available every Sunday. The menu changes almost every week to keep things interesting. The whole dinner costs $27, which is fairly affordable for three yum dishes. 
Steph and Dana enjoying their photo shoot

TAKE NOTE: Northern Spy can get crowded for dinner. Make sure you make a reservation. 

Things I would order for...
Lunch: Pork Sticky Rolls, Kale Salad, Biscuits & Gravy, Lamb Burger, Duck Fat Fries. 
Brunch: Corned Beef Hash, Maple and Sage Breakfast Sausage, Biscuits & Gravy, Cheddar Grits. 
Dinner: Pork Sticky Rolls, Farmstead Cheeseboard, Smoked Bluefish Rillettes, Warm Squid Salad, Pork Jowl Terrine, Long Island Skate, Chicken, Battenkill Valley Pork, Sea Scallops, Cauliflower. 
Dessert: Anything on the Dessert menu. I want all of it. If I had to choose I'd go with the Lemon Poppy Tart, Apple Cheddar Pie, or S'Mores. 

Just so you know, the above list would usually be shorter. It's just that I think all of those things are worth trying. I'll probably go back and write a Part 2 to this post. 

Leave me some comments about the post or if you went to try Northern Spy for yourself! :)

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New York, NY 10009
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Me and Steph
Seating Area
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