Back Forty: Crab Boil

CRAB NIGHT, YO. Look at that mountain of joy on the left. Look at it. Feel the joy. Taste the joy. This is the crab boil at Back Forty in East Village. I went in the beginning of July with two of my friends and it was a really entertaining experience. For $50, the restaurant dumps three rounds of spiced crabs all over your table. THREE ROUNDS. I don't know what spices they use but crack is definitely one of them. The $50 also includes stone ground cornbread, string beans, and boiled potatoes. Then they give you some berry cobblers for dessert. So yums, right? So. Yums. 

This was my first time opening crabs myself. It was pretty brutal but there's a first time for everything. Good thing I'm super strong so I had no trouble cracking open those crab shells (sarcasm). The beer we ordered was the Harpoon Summer Beer. It has a great golden color. It's flavorful but not overly bitter. It's super refreshing with a light, crisp finish. Alcohol content was low. I think? Or, I'm just a tank. Probably the latter ;) Crab boils are every Tuesday until the end of August. You have to buy tickets online and if you are going with friends, you should all buy tickets as a group to make sure you're all sitting together. The tickets are $50 each but after tax, gratuity, and fees, the price comes out to $67. 

One thing that was particularly cool was that they don't give you those metal crab crackers. Instead, they give you these small wooden war hammers. Anyway, go try this place out. Definitely try their crab boil for the experience. It's a bit pricey but it's fun to go with friends.

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