BIKINIS: Hot, Melty Spanish Sandwiches

Don Quixote
BIKINIS is so good. I've been meaning to come here for months. MONTHS. And finally, I was able to come here at the end of October. Why is the place called BIKINIS? Is it because the owner likes wearing or seeing people wear bikinis? Maybe. But, I like to believe it's because the place makes some boss bikinis. Bikinis are actually hot ham and cheese sandwiches originating from Barcelona, Spain. The bikini was invented in the 1950s at a concert hall called "Bikini" when the establishment started selling triangle-shaped croque monsieurs, which also happen to look like triangle-shaped bikini bottoms. The first time I tried a bikini was in Barcelona in 2013. My friends and I went to Tapas 24 and ordered their bikini. It was lightly toasted with melted cheese and a radiating black truffle flavor. This tiny, triangle-shaped sandwich was so enlightening that I'm pretty sure it unlocked my taste buds' hidden capacity for flavor. Seriously though. I felt like this for a few hours. 

Anyways, the restaurant is pretty cool. It looks like a cafe/diner. I like the two bar seats for the outdoor counter facing the restaurant. It looks like a good seat because you're under the shade but you still get some fresh air while you enjoy your food. I loved the music. They played 50s, 60s, and 70s music to match the vintage-looking decor. I ordered the Don Quixote bikini. It was made with 18-month jamon serano, manchego cheese, rubbed tomato, and manzilla olives stuffed with anchovies. The challah bread was perfectly toasted and buttery. I swear this is the secret to beautiful sandwiches. Great Bread. The rich, creamy cheese was sufficiently melted into the savory jamon serano. It was my first bikini since the bikini at Tapas 24. Needless to say, I felt pretty emotional. It was like I just watched Titanic. My friend, Aileen, ordered the Gordito. It came with turkey, pastrami, jamon de york, melted swiss cheese, pickles, and alioli. Alioli (also spelled aioli) is a Spanish garlic mayonnaise sauce. It was pretty good. Although, I think I would have liked it more with a spicy alioli. They only serve bikinis for brunch and a gentle, spicy kick in the face would be nice for those drowsy mornings. 

BIKINIS. I am coming back for more. 

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