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Hi! Welcome to Ngo Your Meal, my attempt at a food blog. Coming from a family of bon vivants, I started writing posts in July 2013 to keep track of my notes and research in hopes of learning new things about food, restaurants, and eating. With the support of my friends, I decided to use Ngo Your Meal as a way to share my findings with anyone. This blog will cover a broad range of topics. Some posts could be about a particular dish or restaurant I find compelling. Or, some posts might try to break down and answer some of those questions that some of us might have but forget to ask. These questions might include, "What's the difference between Kobe and Matsusaka beef?", "What is 'sous-vide'?", "What does a porto reduction sauce do to the overall taste of the dish?". Really just a lot of random things. 

If anyone has any interesting dishes, restaurants, or topics in mind, leave me a comment or an email, and I'll do my best to write an interesting post about it. This way, you could save a little bit of research time and we could all share the information through this blog :) Hopefully this blog will better equip you to Ngo ("know", the "g" is silent) your meal. 

Here's a bunch of personal information for all the cute stalkers out there:

Jonathan Ngo: Hello! I write all the geeky food reviews and guides that make you want to fall asleep :) Besides eating and drinking as much as my stomach can hold, I like to go to the gym, play video games (console/pc), and clean my already clean room. 

Role: Writer and Taster
Age: 26
Birthday: June
Current Location: New York City
School: New York University, Stern
Occupation: Consultant
Hometown: Manila, Philippines and San Ramon, California
Favorite Cuisines: Japanese, Spanish, French, Filipino, Indian (Generally in that order)

Stephanie Liu: Hellooooo! I'm the one who takes all the mouth-watering pictures that make sure you don't fall asleep! Other than loving my awesome boyfriend of 4 years, I also love singing, dancing, watching anime and all kinds of dramas, traveling, and video games. I'm also an intense Disney fan, to the point where I sincerely believe I'm a lost princess. I'm beyond happy to help Jon share Ngo Your Meal to the world and show everyone how much we love food.

Role: Photographer, Marketing Guru, and Taster
Age: 26
Birthday: July
Current Location: New York City
School: New York University (College of Arts and Sciences), Boston University (Questrom)
Occupation: Princess, MBA student
Hometown: Manhasset, New York
Favorite Cuisines: Mexican, Korean, Spanish, Japanese, Italian (Generally in that order)


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Images used on this blog are taken by Stephanie Liu unless the source is mentioned. The source link leads to the owners' respective licenses and images are not changed in any way. 

I'm interested in working together on social media campaigns, giveaways/contests, restaurant events and critiques, or product and service reviews. For inquiries and requests, contact me below or through jonngo88@gmail.com.



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