Curated Libations: Mango Coconut Fizz


Say goodbye to your boring mimosas and bellinis. Step it up with these Mango-Coconut bubbly cocktails. They're easy to make as long as you have the ingredients on hand. These cocktails are ideal for entertaining and/or celebrating. 

1 serving:

  • 3oz Sparkling Wine (Strong recommendation: Brut) (Up to 5oz of Sparking Wine)

  • 2.5oz Mango Juice

  • 2.5oz Coconut Juice

  • Garnish: Coconut Shavings (for rim), Simple Syrup (for rim)


  1. Place some Simple Syrup in a small bowl or container.

  2. Place some Coconut Shavings in a different small bowl or container.

  3. Dip a flute glass into the Simple Syrup then again into the Coconut Shavings. 

  4. This cocktail is essentially just equal parts Coconut Juice, Mango Juice, and Sparkling Wine. If you want to strengthen this drink, you can just add 1.5oz of Coconut Juice and 1.5oz of Mango Juice then top off with Sparkling Wine (roughly 5oz). Most flute glasses should be about 8oz so plan accordingly.

  5. Pour the juices first then the sparkling wine. 

Strength: Low

Difficulty: Easy

Date created: Cocktail Club NYC - April 14th, 2018

Here's our workstation. 

The simple syrup and the coconut shavings were placed in containers wide enough for dipping the flute glasses. 


Above, you'll notice that we used 

Delacroix Brut, a sparkling wine from Burgundy, France made with Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc, and Ugni Blanc grape varietals. It's dry, tasty, and refreshing. We chose to use a brut because we knew we were mixing it with sweeter juices.

The end product is fantastic. It's time to graduate from Mimosas. 


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