Uncovering Hong Kong Style French Toast


Everyone, please get ready for this. Something magical is about to happen. If deep-fried twinkies had a younger brother, it would be Hong Kong Style French Toast. This great dish can be used as a snack, a dessert, or a cure to low blood sugar and low cholesterol. You have to eat this with some green tea, pomegranate juice, or some coffee because... FUN FACT: These three drinks not only taste good, but they also happen to cleanse your arteries.

It's made from two pieces of fluffy toast, generously decorated with either peanut butter or jam to form a love sandwich. Next, break some eggs, whip them up, and submerge the love sandwich in the egg batter. The next step turns this sandwich into a real, man sandwich dessert snack. Get a pan. Put some oil and some butter in it. Fry it until it looks like a delicious sandwich of gold. Stop frying it or else it becomes a gross sandwich of darkness. Let it cool down for a bit on some paper towels. Don't touch it yet. It's too hot. Like me. 

Once it cools down, treat it like a pancake. Add an ocean of maple syrup and a slice of butter. And you end up with a beautiful Hong Kong Style French Toast. It's soft, it's crispy, and it's so simple. It tastes like a majestic rainbow unicorn flying out of a majestic rainbow of golden syrup. You could also experiment with the toppings. Maybe add some fruit to balance out the cholesterol attack. Unless you want diabetes, then go ahead and add some ice cream. My mind says 'no' but my heart says 'yesssssssssssssss'. As Demi Lovato would say... 

heart attack.jpg

Looking for legit recipes? They're all pretty much the same but I added some more recipe links just in case.

This post is short because I need sleep. Not 'beauty sleep'. Because I'm already beautiful. #boom

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