Gratin Dauphinois: Layers of Love

Gratin Dauphinois, Prosciutto Wrapped Monkfish. Source:  Fetch 13 .

Gratin Dauphinois, Prosciutto Wrapped Monkfish. Source: Fetch 13.

Today, we'll learn about an awesome French dish called Gratin Dauphinois. The first time I said the name of this dish out loud, it sounded like "AJKFFAnakfaiewio123". To my disbelief, I was informed that I might be pronouncing it wrong. After a bit of practice and research, I found out that it's actually pronounced like "Gra-tdan Doh-Fin-WAH". Close enough. The word "gratin" is a culinary technique that tops a dish with a browned crust of breadcrumbs, cheese, or egg. And, "Dauphinois" represents anything that relates to the former French province of Dauphine. 

This traditional French dish is made with thinly sliced potatoes and cream. However, many chefs suggest the addition of cheese, eggs, and other ingredients to this dish. Cheese and Potatoes. What could go wrong? My diet might suffer but, don't worry, nothing can stop this beautiful figure.

There isn't too much history behind this dish except that it was first served in 1788 at a dinner given by Charles-Henri (duke of Clermont-Tonnerre) for the municipal officials from Gap. No. Not Gap the store. Gap is also a commune in southeastern France. Don't worry, municipal officials, you're better than the Gap (as told by Ryan Gosling below). 

The main reasons why I chose to write about Gratin Dauphinois are twofold: first, it's delicious, and second, once I saw the recipe, I was inclined to share it because of its simplicity. Even I, a person who can barely boil water, might be able to make this dish... with a bit of guidance.

There are many different versions of Gratin Dauphinois. But, most of the recipes involve layering sliced potatoes in a shallow dish, adding cream/milk/butter to the potatoes, topping the dish with some sort of cheese, and cooking the dish in the oven for over an hour or until the top is golden brown and crispy.   

Gratin Dauphinois. Source:  Su-Lin .

Gratin Dauphinois. Source: Su-Lin.

If you want to try making Gratin Dauphinois, check out the recipes below:

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YO. If you try making this dish, feel free to get creative. Add some bacon or pancetta. Or, substitute boring salt with truffle salt. Then, invite me to eat it with you. 

If you want to try Gratin Dauphinois in the city, here are some places that serve the dish:

  1. Le French Diner (Seasonal, I think): Yelp

  2. 26 Seats: Yelp

  3. La Baratin: Yelp

  4. Tartinery: Yelp

Note: Gratin Dauphinois usually comes as a side dish but if you make it at home, it can definitely be eaten as a main dish. 

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