Balthazar: A Fanfare of French Flavors


Hi! Today, we're going to learn about Balthazar, a classic French bistro in the middle of SoHo, NYC. Although the restaurant is only within its second decade of operations, it has the feel of a Parisian brasserie that has been feeding hungry crowds since the times of our grandparents. Every time I come here, the decor and ambiance makes me feel like Owen Wilson in Midnight in Paris, where I'm immediately teleported into 1920s to enjoy a traditional taste of France.

The restaurant is owned by Keith McNally, the prodigal restauranteur that also owns Minetta Tavern whose côte de boeuf and Black Label Burger are enough to bring any large man to his knees in a sobbing ecstasy of flavors. Anyway, some advice, go to Balthazar early or make a reservation in advance because it's always filled with insatiable, hungry people like me looking to fill up on some French cuisine.

Address: 80 Spring St. New York, NY 10012


  • Shepherd's Pie

  • Braised Short Ribs (Saturday Only)

  • Steak Frites

  • Either of the Plateaux de Fruits de Mer

  • Duck Confit

  • Crème Brûlée

Pan Roasted Organic Salmon with asparagus, chanterelles, new potatoes and lobster beurre blanc at Balthazar

Above, you will notice the gracious Pan Roasted Organic Salmon chillin on some Asparagus, Chanterelles, Potatoes, and a Lobster Beurre Blanc. Yeah, the asparagus, chanterelles (mushrooms), and potatoes were great and all. But, besides the fact that the Salmon was cooked to ambrosial perfection, the sauce was pure happiness. The Lobster Beurre Blanc,  French for "White Butter", is a butter sauce with a vinegar or white wine reduction. The buttery, rich flavor of the sauce made the salmon taste even more amazing. 

Steak Frites with Maître D’ butter or Béarnaise sauce at Balthazar

I ordered the Steak Frites with Béarnaise sauce. You can choose Maître D' butter as a substitute if you'd like. Béarnaise is a buttery, yolk-based sauce. It is traditionally eaten with steak. There are three things I love about this dish. 1. The steak was legendary. It was tender, juicy, and cooked evenly throughout. It disappeared in minutes. 2. The fries. They're unjustifiably good. What type of sorcery was used to make these fries? Perfectly crisp without any greasy oils. It tastes as if it were fried in duck fat but it was less greasy as if it were fried in peanut oil or another type of oil. And, finally, 3. LOOK AT HOW PHOTOGENIC IT IS.... it reminds me of my biceps (100% awesome, 100% of the time). 

Sautéed Skate with summer beans, radish, marcona almonds and spring onion soubise at Balthazar

If you can't catch a table, enjoy a fresh baguette from their bakery. Thanks for reading! Comment below for any questions!