Bostonia Public House: Snack Attack

Tater Tot Poutine at Bostonia Public House in Boston

Imagine that you're exploring Boston. Maybe you just finished walking around that magnificent aquarium. Suddenly, you are struck by hunger. Where do you go? If only there was some casual, two-story establishment serving comforting New England fare where you could take refuge while perusing a respectable selection of bar snacks and draft beers. If only. 

Today is your lucky day. There is a place where you can go. It's called Bostonia Public House. On the menu, you'll find items like 12-hour Duck Fat Roasted Pork Ribs, Clam Chowder, Lobster Mac & Cheese, and Raw Local Oysters. When Steph and I visited, we opted for their sinful Tater Tot Poutine. 

Bostonia Public House is, in my opinion, ideal for afternoon snacking. I think their small bites and appetizers look quite good. They also have a "Sunset" menu that is available every day from 3pm to 5pm, where some dishes are discounted. Bostonia Public House gets turnt at night with live music almost every night. 

If you're interested in a more in-depth look at some of the dishes we had here, scroll down below! Overall, we had a good meal here! It would be nice to swing by again soon to snack and have a drink or two... or five. 

Cuisine: American

Average Price per Person: $40 USD

Address: Boston, USA

Recommended: Tater Tot Poutine, BPH Burger

  • Overall Rating: 3

  • Taste: 3

  • Authenticity/Creativity: 3

  • Service: 3

  • Atmosphere: 3

  • Value: 3

BPH Clam Chowder at Bostonia Public House in Boston

Personally, I can't spend a weekend in Boston without having some clam chowder. Regardless of the season, this stuff is liquid gold. 

BPH's Clam Chowder is made with Smoked Bacon, Leek, Celery, and Marble Potatoes. The chowder is thick but not chunky. It's creamy and savory, giving the illusion that you're consuming flavor levels found typically in fat. The clam flavor is light and blends into potatoes. [$9 USD]

Tater Tot Poutine at Bostonia Public House in Boston

Our sinful, morning treat was the Tater Tot Poutine. The name itself convinced us that we needed to order it. Poutine is a Canadian dish made with french fries covered in fresh cheese curds and a light gravy. FUN FACT: The word "poutine" means "mess".

BPH's Tater Tot Poutine was dressed with Black Pepper Brown Gravy and Melted Cheese. It's not exactly a legit poutine but it's similar in nature. The tater tots were still surprisingly crispy. I wish I could eat this every day! [$8 USD]

BPH Burger at Bostonia Public House in Boston

I had a lot to drink the night before so I needed something hearty to bring me back to life. A nice burger always seems to do the trick. 

The BPH Burger is a Grass-Fed Ground Beef Patty with Caramelized Onion and Sun Dried Tomato Jam, Smoked Bacon, Vermont Cheddar, and Black Pepper Aioli. It's sandwiched between two toasted halves of a Brioche Bun. 

This was a crazy saucy burger but it wasn't too overwhelmingly wet. The patty was nice and thick so it was real juicy. At the time, I thought it lacked a bit of salt but now that I think about it, I think it's just fine the way it is. [$17 USD]

Crab Crusted Cod at Bostonia Public House in Boston

Last but not least, Steph got the Crab Crusted Cod. It sounded pretty unique so she decided to try it out. It came with Slab Pancetta, Roasted Onions, Marble Potato Succotash, and a Tarragon Butter. 

Usually, I don't love getting cod because it's flavorless but this one was quite good. The crab crust was a lot of fun. I didn't think it would work out but it did. That BUTTER was absurd by the way. I think it really brought glory to the dish. [$29 USD]