Ngo Your Meal's Favorite Restaurants of 2016


Hi Everyone! This is going to be a quick post looking back at 2016 and the next steps going forward for 2017.

This year, we reached 200,000 views on the blog with 42 posts, including this one. Yay! 

For 2017, we are aiming for 50 posts and 500,000 views on the blog as we approach Ngo Your Meal's 4th birthday. I'm going to continue to work on improving email notifications, strengthening the social media presence, and enhancing the quality of guides and reviews. Also, I'm working on a few things on the side that will bring more stuff to the table here at NYM. Hope you are looking forward to it!


Anyways, here's our favorite NYC restaurants of 2016:

  1. Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare - Unforgettable arrangement of Japanese and French flavors during this 2.5-hour, three-Michelin star experience

  2. Uncle Boons - Best damn Thai food in Manhattan. No argument.

  3. Takashi - I love pork-based ramen. But, this Midnight Ramen with US Kobe Braised Beef Belly, Crispy Intestines, Seaweed, and a Soft-Boiled Egg is absolutely unreal. 

  4. Cafe China - They've found the secret to maximizing spice levels without overbearing the real flavors - Review

  5. Babbo - An amazing a la carte menu that can be tailored to anyone's preference. I will come back for that pasta tasting! 

  6. Upland - A true melting pot of flavors with fluency in presentation and execution - Review

These restaurants have achieved gastronomical greatness! It's hard to describe why I chose these places. But, there is definitely something special happening at each of them. Whether it was an unstoppable Trout Roe Tartlet, a fiery Chungking Braised Fish Stew, or a devastatingly tasty Branzino, these restaurants showed true authenticity and uniqueness amidst the mutable nature of the culinary world. I have a lot of respect for these restaurants as they stay true to their flavors and style. These days it's easy to throw some low quality truffles or uni on something and all the food-o-philes come rushing in. 

Feel free to check out the reviews I've written. But, honestly, I encourage you to just go try them out and see if they are worthy to be one of your favorites as well. Thanks again for another great year!