Ngo Your Meal's Favorite Restaurants of 2015


Hi Everyone! This is going to be a quick post looking back at 2015 and the next steps going forward for 2016.

This year, we reached 100,000 views on the blog, which is a really great achievement, albeit just a small one. In total, we've had 36 posts including this one. 

For 2016, we are aiming for 50 posts and 200,000 views on the blog as we approach Ngo Your Meal's 3rd birthday along with improvements in the email notifications and a stronger focus on social media.

But, without further fluff, here are our favorite restaurants of 2015:

  1. Jungsik: Modern Korean with French influences - Part 1 / Part 2

  2. L'Artusi: Intimate and classy Italian eatery - Link

  3. Sakagura: Underground Japanese Izakaya with amazing sake - Part 1 / Part 2

  4. Barbuto: Approachable Italian-American cuisine - Link

  5. Maison Premiere: Oysters and Absinthe - Link

Some have already been reviewed and some have yet to be reviewed shortly but these restaurants are the ones that I hold dearly in my heart. I am severely attached to these eateries and forgive me if I never stop talking about these in person. Whether it was a life-changing braised black cod, a stunningly roasted chicken, or the heavenly aura of oysters and absinthe cocktails, these restaurants have changed the way I see, taste, understand, and enjoy food. Please feel free to read the reviews of each of these places. But, I encourage you to just go try them out and see if they are worthy as one of your favorites as well.