Enriqueta's: Fulfilling Your Cravings

Double Cuban Sandwich (Ham, Cheese, Pork, Mustard, Roast Pulled Pork, Spanish Mojito Sauce with Onions) at Enriqueta's

Hi Everyone! So, ever since watching the movie Chef, I crave a good Cubano at least every 2 days, which is completely reasonable. This review will be about Enriqueta's in Miami, Florida. As most of you know, a Cuban sandwich is basically an upgraded variation of the ham and cheese sandwich but it takes real skill to perfect it into a hot, cheesy, meaty pile of magnificence. I think Enriqueta's has reached this standard. But, even if you're just trying to enjoy a good, hearty Cuban breakfast or lunch, this is the place to go. 

The origins of the Cuban sandwich, or Cubano, can be traced back to the common lunch food of Cuban workers in the 1800s. There are many variations of the Cuban sandwich but a typical one will be made of Cuban bread, swiss cheese, roasted pork, ham, pickles, mustard, and butter. This hot mess will be placed under something called a plancha, which is a sandwich press, to warm the sandwich and soak all the flavors of the different ingredients with each other. Conveniently, the press will also make the sandwich thinner and more manageable to eat for normal people.

Address: 186 NE 29th St. Miami, FL 33137


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Cuban Sandwich (Ham, Cheese, Pork, Pickles, Mustard, Mayo) at Enriqueta's

At Enriqueta's, I got the Cuban sandwich (see above). It was gorgeous. The sweet and juicy pickles were thinly layered between a terrain of lean ham and roasted pork.The meat was encased between an epic layer of melty and alluring swiss cheese. A generous spread of mustard and mayo, but not too much as to overwhelm the sandwich, was spread over the perfectly crisp and pressed bread. Needless to say, I was shaking my head by the end of this meal as I was overwhelmed with a series of emotions: the realization that this sandwich was gone, the heartwarming satisfaction of fulfilling my Cuban sandwich craving, and the confusion of how a simple "ham and cheese" sandwich could provide so much happiness. 

Double Cuban Sandwich (Ham, Cheese, Pork, Mustard, Roast Pulled Pork, Spanish Mojito Sauce with Onions) at Enriqueta's

Although frowned upon by traditionalists, there are many variations of this sandwich. For example, Enriqueta's also serves a Doble Cubano (see above), which is made with an extra layer of godlike, roasted pulled pork and Spanish Mojito Sauce with Onions because why not?

Other variations might include mayonnaise, salami, or tomato. Personally, I prefer my Cubano as simple and original as possible.