Mémé Mediterranean: Moroccan Influenced, French Executed


Hello! Today, we're having brunch at Mémé Mediterranean, a restaurant that presents Mediterranean cooking with French Moroccan influences.

They have two branches, one in the West Village and one in Hell's Kitchen. On a side note, I recently moved out of my Koreatown apartment to a newer spot in Midtown-ish. There aren't too many restaurants within a 3 block radius so I need to venture out a bit further towards Chelsea and Hell's Kitchen. 

Steph and I came here upon recommendation from Aileen (Back at it again with the recommendations) and we were satisfied with our meal! 

Anyway, thanks for reading! 

Address: 607 10th Ave., New York, NY 10036


  • Fried Artichoke with shaved manchego, baby greens, two sauces

  • Shakshuka Moroccan Breakfast: three eggs baked with tomato, onion, pepper, spices, tahini, pita, and merguez sausage

Fried Artichokes at Mémé Mediterranean

Their brunch menu consists of a bunch of different Mediterranean Tapas along with a selection of regular lunch entrees (Lamb Burgers, Chicken Tagine, Seared Tuna) to brunch-esque dishes (eggs, eggs, ORGANIC EGGS). To begin, we started with the Fried Artichoke. It was dressed with Shaved Manchego and Baby Greens with a side of two sauces. It was light yet totally satisfied my unreasonable urge for high caloric intake through fat and oil. It was fried and prepared very well. It was a decent serving for $12. 

I enjoyed the occasional bite of rich Manchego cheese. Manchego is one of the most famous Spanish cheeses. It is characterized with an inedible rind and a basket weave design. It has a pleasant aroma with a nutty/sweet flavor. Manchego is also made with Sheep's milk, which is higher in fat and protein. Sheep usually eat the top part of the grass while cows eat the grass and parts of the soil. This means that cow's milk is earthier in flavor and sheep's milk is more rich, buttery, and sweet. The sauces were good too! One was a red sauce, which was like a marinara. The green sauce was like a green goddess dressing (lime, mayo, sour cream, mixed herbs). 

We wiped those clean.

Laffa Taco at Mémé Mediterranean

Steph got the Laffa Taco, which came with Scrambled Eggs, Chorizo, Manchego Cheese, Salsa Verde, and a side of fries. It felt like a breakfast wrap that took a trip through Europe and the Middle East. Once this adventurous breakfast wrap came back, it was an enlightened taco with rugged flavors of foreign civilizations. On its way back, it got caught in the rain.

It was pretty good but it was a little soggy for me. The fries were glorious though. Spicy. Garlic. Fries. That's all I have to say about that. 

Shakshuka Moroccan Breakfast at Mémé Mediterranean

I got the Shakshuka Moroccan Breakfast. It was delightful. Shakshuka is a traditional dish that is popular in Israel, Morocco, and North Africa. It's made with eggs poached in a sauce of tomatoes, onions, peppers, and other herbs. I also got the additional order of Merguez sausage, which is a spicy, lamb- or beef-based sausage packed with cumin and chili peppers. The merguez sausage also originates from North African cuisine. I would recommend getting the merguez sausage for an additional $5.