Rabbit House: Where the Hour is Always Happy


Hello! Welcome to brunch at Rabbit House in New York City. I'm playing a bit of catch up with New York reviews since I've just finished the Japan posts. Steph and I came here in early 2017. It was our first time dining here. Since then, I've been here two more times for dinner and drinks. Honestly, the dinner and drinks have been much more fun and relevant than the brunch we had. 

Speaking of their Happy Hour... They've got a pretty good Happy Hour menu. Additionally, their regular drinks menu is quite interesting; They even have Japanese wines available.

Drawing you away from my questionably alcoholic habits, I'd also like to talk about the chef and owner, Yoshiko Sakuma. I've seen her there for all my visits. She's very friendly and has had a ton of experience working in the kitchen and in restaurants around the world. Her resume includes working in various New York City restaurants such as Bouley, Danube, Aureole, Del Posto, Jewel Bako, Narcissa, and Gardenia. She has even worked with Osteria Francescana under Chef Massimo Bottura.

Overall, brunch is okay but I would more confidently recommend their evening menus. I'll be back soon to blog about their dinner and drinks! 

Address: 76 Forsyth St, New York, NY 10002


  • Miso-Goma Red Skin Potato

  • Japanese Eggs Benedict

Teriyaki Bacon

To start, Steph and I shared a few sides/appetizers. We got the Teriyaki Bacon. What is brunch without bacon? NOTHING. So, we had to get some bacon. It was chewy, savory, and slightly sweet. Steph wasn't in love with it because she likes crispy bacon but I thought it was just right. 

Miso-Goma Red Skin Potato

Our next dish was the Miso-Goma Red Skin Potato (see above). Steph and I liked this one better than the Teriyaki Bacon. It's quite filling but the taste is good. The potatoes are seasoned with Miso and Sesame Seeds. This gave the typically boring vegetable a savory flavor with a mellowed sweetness. Steph liked it so much that she tried to replicate this recipe at home!

Japanese Eggs Benedict

Steph got the Japanese Eggs Benedict for her entree (see above). This was quite interesting. It came with Nori Seaweed, Tofu Hollandaise, Two Poached Eggs, Eel, and Rice Buns. 

It sounds strange but the flavor is good. I'm really glad there was eel in this because it helped add some character to the dish. I liked the mix of all the different ingredients except the Rice Buns. I thought they were too hard and dry. I would have opted for just regular rice instead. 

Japanese Omelet

For myself, I got the Japanese Omelet. It came with Three Eggs, Dashi, Potato, Corn, and Bacon. On top, there was also a Mixed Green Salad.Not bad. I enjoyed the seaweed sauce on the side. The Seaweed and Eggs combination is definitely underrated and underused. They go surprisingly well together. 

Chocolate and Vanilla Homemade Gelato

Because I can't avoid peeking at the desert menu, I also got the Chocolate and Vanilla Homemade Gelato.