Nømad Coffee: Recharge and Refuel

Nomad Cold Brew at Nømad Coffee in Barcelona

Heyyyo, welcome back to Ngo Your Meal! And, we're back in Barcelona! Jet lag always hits me and Steph pretty hard. By noon, we're already falling asleep and our bodies are shutting down especially given how much we eat. To manage our energy deficiency, we chug concerning amounts of coffee to stay awake. But, we don't just go for regular coffee, we try to go for the best. 

That being said, we ended up at Nømad Coffee for a quick coffee break. Within the first few minutes, you can tell that this coffee shop is serious about their craft and these baristas are more than just coffee enthusiasts. All the seats are at the counter so everyone has a front seat view of everything going on behind the counter. There's even a poster that features a coffee taster's flavor wheel to help you decide what kind of coffee you're in the mood for. 

Steph and I were not picky but we needed coffee immediately. We got great seats though! I sat right next to their La Marzocco machine so it felt like I got the VIP seat. 

Nømad Coffee has an extensive menu, including hand pours, cold brews, espressos, etc. For sale, you can buy Chemex, AeroPress, and Nømad-roasted espresso. You can even buy some Nømad Coffee merchandise. 

If you're in Barcelona and need a coffee break, check out Nømad Coffee! Thanks for reading!

Cuisine: Coffee

Average Price per Person: $5 USD

Address: Passatge de Sert, 12, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

Recommended: Coffee! I liked the Cold Brews a lot.

Jon and Steph at Nømad Coffee in Barcelona

In the picture above, it looks like we're awake but, honestly, we're trying really hard to keep our eyes open.

Guatemala Santa Barbara Espresso at Nømad Coffee in Barcelona

Steph got their Guatemala Santa Barbara Espresso (see above). She said it was a bit too bitter for her but I didn't hear her complaining about being tired for the rest of the day so I guess it did the job!

I tried some of it and it was pretty good. The menu said it had tasting notes of Green Apple and Caramel. I'm no coffee connoisseur so I didn't understand the Green Apple part but I tried really hard to smell the Caramel and I think I found it. The coffee was indeed bitter but it was really nice to enjoy slowly side by side with frequent sips of water. 

All coffee is presented on a black stone, which is very cool and kind of theatrical. 

Nitro Cold Brew at Nømad Coffee in Barcelona

For myself, I got their Nitro Cold Brew. This stuff is so cool. It's a newer trend that I don't hate. Do you like coffee and Guinness? Try this. Do you like enjoying your coffee without milk? Get this. Do you like your cold brew smooth and less sharp? Come to the dark side

Nitro Cold Brew is cold brew that has been imbued with nitrogen gas. When it's ready to serve, the nitro cold brew goes through a pressurized valve that creates the nitro cold brew's creamy mouthfeel. As you drink the nitro cold brew, you'll notice that the nitrogen bubbles will start to rise to the surface similar to the way CO2 is released from beer or champagne. But, the nitro cold brew will actually have a cascading effect that gives the drink an interesting gradient. 

Nomad Cold Brew at Nømad Coffee in Barcelona

For the road, we got their Nømad Cold Brew (see above). This cold brew was reaaaally smooth and refreshing. It was a bit on the acidic side but I liked it anyway. 

Jon at Nømad Coffee in Barcelona
Steph hanging out at the coffee bar at Nømad Coffee in Barcelona