Ngo Your Meal's Favorite Restaurants of 2017


Hi Everyone! This is going to be a quick post looking back at 2017 and the next steps going forward for 2018.

This year, we reached 350,000 views on the blog with 54 posts, including this one. Yay! 

For 2018, we are aiming for 64 posts and 600,000 views on the blog as we approach Ngo Your Meal's 5th birthday. I'm going to continue to work on improving email notifications, strengthening our social media presence, and enhancing the quality of guides and reviews. Also, I'm working on a few things on the side that will bring more stuff to the table here at NYM. Hope you are looking forward to it!


Anyway, here's our favorite NYC restaurants of 2017:

  1. Eleven Madison - Named as the World's Best Restaurant of 2017, I think it deserves a spot on Ngo Your Meal's favorite restaurants of 2017 too (hahaha). Lacking any sort of pretentiousness, Daniel Humm shows us what it's like to "make it nice". I can't wait to go back after their recent remodel. 

  2. Gabriel Kreuther - Transcending the boundaries of an upscale modern European meal, Gabriel Kreuther makes dining an experience. It will be difficult to find similarly interesting food at this level of expertise. 

  3. Le Coucou - I can't wait to go back and take pictures for the blog. Le Coucou is owned by Daniel Rose. We loved his restaurant in Paris called Spring but that place closed down. I'm grateful we have Le Coucou in NYC. The ambiance is ethereal. Expect to find traditional French ingredients like Rabbit, Duck, Foie Gras, etc. in this intimate, candle-lit setting. 

  4. Emily - Did you know there's a place that serves some of the best burgers AND pizzas in New York City? Look no further. It's at Emily's. 

  5. Raku - Hands-down, the best udon in New York City. We even had a Battle Series for it. Get the Sabazushi (Tiff's recommendation). 

  6. Ato - Whether you get the omakase, the tasting menu, or a la carte, you won't be disappointed here. The focus here is on quality instead of quantity so don't be offended by the unusually small portions. It'll be worth it. 

  7. Oiji - A new look at traditional Korean food. In addition to the Asian-inspired cocktails and the honey butter chips, Oiji's menu is focused on traditional Korean flavors with a modern twist with regard to plating and cooking techniques. 

  8. Szechuan Mountain House - They found perfect balance between spice and flavor. I actually eat the szechuan peppercorns here because they taste fresh, floral, and aromatic more so than the ones I've had at other szechuan restaurants. 

Consolation Prize: First Lamb Shabu - Honestly one of my most memorable hot pot experiences I've had in a while. This place specializes in lamb spine hot pot. 

These restaurants have achieved gastronomical greatness! It's hard to describe why I chose these places. But, there is definitely something special happening at each of them. Whether it was an unstoppable three-course rabbit dish at Le Coucou, a heart-warming bowl of udon at Raku, or a devastatingly addictive mound of honey butter chips at Oiji, these restaurants showed true authenticity and uniqueness amidst the mutable nature of the culinary world. I have a lot of respect for these restaurants as they stay true to their flavors and style. These days it's easy to throw some low quality truffles or uni on something and all the food-o-philes come rushing in. 

Feel free to check out the reviews I've written. But, honestly, I encourage you to just go try them out and see if they are worthy to be one of your favorites as well. Thanks again for another great year!