Cocktail Club NYC: November 2017 Edition


This is a little late but I'm going to try something new today. Once in a while, some of my fellow cocktail-loving friends like to come over and experiment with new cocktail recipes. Sometimes, the recipes are great but we often tweak or merge different recipes to fit our own tastes. I'll share some details about our experiments here then successful recipes will get their own recipe post! 

For this Cocktail Club session, we made two types of drinks. The first one was gin-based. For the record, my favorite gin to mix with is Hendrick's because it has some nice rose and cucumber flavors. The gin is also only mildy herbaceous. We added some lime to add acidity but it didn't have enough sweetness. We decided to add simple syrup to round out the alcohol. 

The other cocktail was frozen and relied on Tequila. We like to use Tequila Reposado (usually Casamigos) because it's smooth and adds some tones of vanilla and spice. While the recipe we used only had Cointreau (orange flavored liqueur), we added some brandy to give the cocktail more fruity variety. Also, we like to occasionally turn up. Tequila goes well with agave syrup so we used that instead of simple syrup. We blended the ingredients with ice but we noticed that blending it too long made the ice melt. 

Then, to imitate (arguably) the best part of a margarita, we gave the glass a salt and sugar rim. Fresh fruit was placed on the surface for decoration. 

Lessons learned:

  1. When using watermelon for cocktails, muddle the fruit generously to extract enough juice.

  2. For slush/frozen drinks, blend sparingly to avoid melting the ice and diluting the cocktail. 

You can find the recipes here:

  1. Recipe: Gin Therapy

  2. Recipe: Island Getaway

Attendees: TC, JL, JS, JN


Cocktail #1:

Gin Therapy

Cocktail #2:

Island Getaway