Cocktail Club NYC: April 2018 Edition


It's been a while since our last reunion but here is a look into some of the results of our latest cocktail workshop. Cocktail recipes are great but sometimes we like to tweak or merge different recipes to fit our own preferences. 

For this Cocktail Club session, we made two different drinks. The first one was a simple bubbly cocktail made using Delacroix Brut, a sparkling wine from Burgundy, France made with Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc, and Ugni Blanc grape varietals. It's dry, tasty, and refreshing. We chose to use a brut because we knew we were mixing it with sweeter juices. We decided to combine the brut with mango juice and coconut juice. Just to be a little bit extra, we decorated the rim with coconut shavings. 

The other cocktail was inspired by the Nardis cocktail at Angel's Share. We sort of knew the ingredients but we didn't know any of the measurements so we experimented with 3-4 different batches. We used Pear Grey Goose, Truffle Honey, Grapefruit, Pear, and Tonic Water. Oddly enough, the Truffle Honey was the KEY ingredient to this one. We're still struggling to get the right balance between sweet and bitter flavors but I think we came pretty close. 

To stay sane, we enjoyed some Manchego Cheese, Blueberry Bourbon Jam, and Firehook Garlic Thyme Baked Crackers. 


Lessons learned:

  1. Coconut shavings don't stick well if the simple syrup is too watery. 

  2. Cocktails made with sparkling wine don't have to be too boozy to have the same effect. 4 people can comfortably have 2 full-sized drinks each with 1 bottle. 

You can find the recipes here:

  1. Recipe: Mango Coconut Fizz

  2. Recipe: Nardis from Angel's Share





Cocktail #1:

Mango Coconut Fizz

Cocktail #2:

Nardis from Angel's Share

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